Vol 1, No 2 (2009)

Mol Cell Pharmacol

Table of Contents


The Role of AMPAR Trafficking Mediated by Neuronal Pentraxins in Cocaine-induced Neuroadaptations Abstract PDF
Alejandra M. Pacchioni, Peter W. Kalivas 71-75

Research Articles

Molecular Determinant of Regioselective Hydroxylation of Docetaxel by CYP3A4 Abstract PDF
Bernard Monsarrat, Odile Thoison, Joelle Dubois, Thierry Cresteil 76-84
HIV Nef-M1 Effects on Colorectal Cancer Growth in Tumor-induced Spleens and Hepatic Metastasis Abstract PDF
Willie Harrington III, Vincent Bond, Ming Bo Huang, Michael Powell, James Lillard, Upender Manne, Harvey Bumpers 85-91
Sulindac Sulfide Differentially Induces Apoptosis in Smac-Proficient and -Deficient Human Colon Cancer Cells Abstract PDF
Jingxue Shi, Qin He, Jie An, Hong Sun, Ying Huang, M. Saeed Sheikh 92-97


Chemotherapeutics of Neglected Waterborne Parasites: Current Status and Future Perspectives Abstract PDF
Ratna Chakrabarti, Debopam Chakrabarti 98-102

Meeting Reports

Novel Translational Research Concepts and Strategies in Radiation Oncology Abstract PDF
Seema Gupta, P. K. Goyal, Mansoor M. Ahmed 103-111

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