Vol 2, No 3 (2010)

Mol Cell Pharmacol

Table of Contents


Cyclosporin A Enhances Cell Survival in Neural Precursor Populations in the Adult Central Nervous System Abstract PDF
Jessica Hunt, Cindi Morshead 81-88
DP2 Receptor Antagonists: Novel Therapeutic Target for COPD Abstract PDF
Karin J. Stebbins, Jilly F. Evans, Daniel S. Lorrain 89-96
Implications of a Newly Discovered DR5 Specific Antagonistic Peptide for Neurodegenerative Disorders Abstract PDF
Mariette S. Heins, Wim J. Quax 97-100

Research Articles

Mitochondrial and Plasma Membrane Citrate Transporters: Discovery of Selective Inhibitors and Application to Structure/Function Analysis Abstract PDF
Jiakang Sun, Sreevidya Aluvila, Rusudan Kotaria, June A. Mayor, D. Eric Walters, Ronald S. Kaplan 101-110


G Protein-Coupled Receptor 87: a Promising Opportunity for Cancer Drug Discovery Abstract PDF
Yanhong Zhang, Ariane Scoumanne, Xinbin Chen 111-116
The “Two faces” of Tumor Suppressor p53-revisited Abstract PDF
Martin L. Smith, M.A. Suresh Kumar 117-119

FDA Corner

FDA Approves New Injectable Osteoporosis Treatment for Postmenopausal Women Abstract PDF
FDA Approves New Treatment for Late-Onset Pompe Disease Abstract PDF
FDA Approves New Combination Product Oral Contraceptive Abstract PDF
FDA Approves a Cellular Immunotherapy for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer Abstract PDF

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