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Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, Vol 6, No 3 (2014)

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Melanoma: Molecular Pathogenesis and Therapeutic Management

Yuxin Liu, M. Saeed Sheikh


Malignant melanoma remains one of the fastest growing cancers worldwide. Although the primary cutaneous melanoma can be managed by surgery, the advanced metastatic melanoma cannot be managed by surgery alone and thus, requires better therapeutic approaches. In view of high mortality rates due to metastatic melanoma, better understanding of the molecular pathogenesis of malignant melanoma is urgently needed. Such information is expected to prove very valuable in early detection of potential metastatic lesions and developing newer therapeutic approaches in order to better manage this malignancy. This article reviews the available information on the molecular changes associated with malignant melanoma and discusses the potential of such information in facilitating the development of newer anti-melanoma therapeutics. Current state of knowledge and the future of traditional and newly approved anti-melanoma therapeutics are also discussed.

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